Litter Pedigree of Redtails Buster x Killix Sarah Bernhard




Great Grandparents

Redtail's Buster S*
Blue Spotted Tabby

International Champion Wonderwoods Anubis S*

EC Redtail's Digory Kirk S*
Cream Silver Spotted Tabby

Blecktrummans Malva S*
Blue Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby

Mightyclaws Salmissra S*
Black Spotted Tabby

GIC DK Escamillo Felis Jubatus
Blue and White

CH MorrHoppan's Ozca S* DM
Black Tortie Blotched Tabby and White

Killix Sarah Bernhard
Blue Blotched Tabby

International Champion Fabis True Tyson
Blue Tabby and White

Tauron's Rudolf Rotnase
Red MackerelTabby With White

Fabis Balalaika
Black Mackerel Tortie and White

International Champion Killix Pippi

EC Europa's Danske Gorm
Black Mackerel Tabby

EC Europa's Nougat Nød

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