Pedigree Of Redtail's Buster S*
BreedNorwegian Forest
VarietyBlue Spotted Tabby
BreederMs. Lotta Carlsson
OwnerMariana and Peter Fodor
ParentsGrandparentsGreat GrandparentsGreat Great Grandparents
International Champion Wonderwoods Anubis S*
European Champion Redtail's Digory Kirk S*
Cream Silver Spotted Tabby
Utblicken's Zoltan S*
Blue Silver
EC Silvermossens Azlan
Red Silver Mackerel Tabby
EC Taropaves Black Magic Zara S*
Black Silver
IC Millennium's Finesse S*
Black Tortie Spotted Tabby and White
IC Älvdansens Agnar Mykle S*
IC Millennium's Sharon S*
Black Blotched With White
Blecktrummans Malva S*
Blue Tortie Silver Spotted Tabby
IC Chewbacca's Assum Tiger S*
Cream Silver Mackerel Tabby and White
GIC Tomten's Frazzeman S*
Red Blotched Tabby
Aristo Limaz Peggie-Sue
Blue Tortie
Perlotts Dancing Queen S*
Blue Mackerel Tabby
EC Gomorran's Theodor S*
Blue Silver and White
Prissman's Baronessa Von Back
Blue Silver Mackerel Tabby and White
Mightyclaws Salmissra S*
Black Spotted Tabby
Grand International Champion DK Escamillo Felis Jubatus
Blue and White
EC Flødekaramel Felis Jubatus, DM DK DM
Cream Mackerel Tabby And White
EC Gustav Vasa Felis Jubatus
Blue and White
CH Karen Augusta Felis Jubatus DK
Black Tortie and White
Greatest Hit's Evelyn Hope DK
Blue Mackerel Tabby
Rainbow Demian Hiemalis
Birgitta Trozig Felis Jubatus DK
Blue with White
Champion MorrHoppan's Ozca S* DM
Black Tortie Blotched Tabby and White
EC Solkullas Frode S*
Red Blotched Tabby
GIC Solkullas Hemul S*
Black Spotted Tabby
CH Solkullas Lilla My S*
Black Tortie Blotched Tabby
GIC MorrHoppan's Luna S*
Black Silver Blotched Tabby and White
EC Tvärpilen's Laotze
Blue Tabby with White
EC MorrHoppan's Gaia S*
Black Silver Blotched Tabby and White
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