Pedigree Of Shadow Eyes Guam
BreedNorwegian Forest
VarietyBlack Tortie and White
BreederLuis Shadow Eyes
OwnerMariana and Peter Fodor
ParentsGrandparentsGreat Grandparents
Centralcats Brynjolf
Black Blotched With White
Forest Spirit Nilo
Red Silver Blotched Tabby and White
EC Humo de la Zarina
Black Silver
EC Blue-Viking Cirque Dusoleil
Red Spotted Tabby and White
Daisy White Spring
Black Blotched Tabby
Forest Spirit Amadeus
Blue Tabby with White
Animaniac's Hilda Honey
Black Tortie Spotted Tabby
International Champion Winterland's Indra
Blue Tortie and White
European Champion Asphagen's Frisco JW
Cream Spotted Tabby
EC Derja's Amadeus S*
Cream Blotched Tabby
Svartträsket's Flaaffy Fantasia DM
Cream Mackerel Tabby And White
Eressea's Altariel
Black Mackerel With White
Fodnaheia's Dragon
Black Blotched Tabby
Eressea's Elanor
Blue Mackerel Tabby with White
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