Morraröns Afrodite

Afrodite is an outdoor cat, a real Viking from Sweden with a pretty voice, a majestic tail and expressive eyes that make her an irresistible appearance.

Regrettably she will perhaps never pass on her excellent glossy fur, her muscular body or her well set shaggy ears. Afrodite’s left hind leg was amputated last summer, after a medical mistake during a broken paw surgery. We haven’t given up the hope to see her walking on four legs again, as we are in contact with Hodes® animal-orthopedics and wish for a suitable prosthesis. Because she is obedient and has an overpowering good nature we hope she will accept it.
Afi is the mother of our
2nd and 6th litter.









Color  Black Mackerel Tabby
(NFO n 23)

Date Of Birth: 03 August 2006

Inbreeding Coefficient: 0.3%

Sire: CH Micehunter's Kokomo Joe

Dam: CH Nenya's Pandora

Breeder: breeder: Annacarin Hägg


Norwegian Forest Cats

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