Norwegian Forest Cats

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I had been told that the training procedure with cats was difficult. It's not. Mine had me trained in two days. (Bill Dana)

We are Peter and Mariana Fodor. Together with our son Aaron we hold a small hobby cattery in Wijchen, The Netherlands. A couple of years ago, in 2005 we adopted our first skogkatt, Rembrandt with no explicit intention of expanding to more than that. But there certainly was a sign on the wall - we selected Rembrandt after several months of looking, from one of the best catteries in Europe.

And as the saying goes one cat just leads to the other and we soon discovered ourselves looking for more. We started showing Rembrandt to see if he would be fit for breeding and he soon proved to be of excellent quality. We obtained his breeder’s accord to use him as a breeding cat and went on a search for suited females.

Sarah, our first female moved in with us soon and in a little while Afrodite tagged along. Both our females originate from old and famed Scandinavian ancestry deriving from several foundation cats. In 2007 we added Buster to our breeding program.


With the breed standard in mind we are set to rear well-rounded, healthy, sociable cats and hope to come as close as possible to the wild skogkatt the natural program produced in the Norwegian forest. With our efforts with seek to contribute to the maintenance of a healthy and genetically fit population of great cats of the north.

We observe the breed standard as described by the FiFe.

Yet, we regard none of our cats as merely a bag of genes. They are all family members, every one with its own individual personality thus our foremost principle is putting the wellbeing of each of them before our accomplishment.


Our cattery is registered by Felikat, a Dutch chapter of FiFe and we are members of the Norwegian Forest Cat Club De Noorman. Our cats have a health insurance with Proteq and are regularly checked up, vaccinated and dewormed by our veterinarian Kwint.