We welcome inquiries from prospective owners who are interested in making a Forest cat a part of their family.

Yet, we do not sell kittens over the internet or ship to people we did not meet personally.

If you are interested in our breeding plans or in having a kitten from us contact us at info@bendis.eu or
give us a call +31(0)243662640 (outside office hours).

A kitten from us will be ready to move to its new home at 13-14 weeks of age. By that time it will be vaccinated, dewormed, and ID-marked with a chip and will have a health certificate and a pedigree from Felikat/Fifé.

We encourage new owners to take a health insurance policy for their new family member as soon as they get home and have the kitten regularly vaccinated and dewormed at their local veterinarian.


See all our litters on the litters pages

If you would like to have a kitten from us please read the disclaimer below



Norwegian Forest Cats

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