Norwegian Forest Cats

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Organisations and Clubs we are members of:

Fédération Internationale Féline, FiFé 


De Noorman  

Noorse Boskattenkring 1985

Owners of kittens from us:

Cattery fan de Grutte Ferlieding

Cattery Elsker's

Breeders of our cats:

Titran’s Cattery NL, breeder of Rembrandt

Killix Cattery DK, breeder of Sarah

Morraröns Cattery SE, breeder of Afrodite 

Redtails Cattery SE, breeder of Buster

ShadowEyes PT, breeder of Guam

S*Utbliken's SE, breeder of Lilja


Other links:

Our veterinarian, Dierenkliniek Kwint


Noorse Boskat pagina op

Cattery van de Moeshoek - a practical info site for weggie owners and any catlovers


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