Killix Sarah Bernhard


Sarah is a beautifull young female coming out of the outstanding breeding lines of Killix cattery in Denmark.

She has a splendid, triangular head with a long straight profile and beautifully shaped green eyes. Sarah has an excellent body, excellent coat and stands very high on her hindlegs.

Graceful and lean, she is a first-rate athlete, the master of high jumps and speedy hunt. Very affectionate but selective she will only allow being petted or held at her own choice.

Sarah is the mother of our 1st and 3rd litter.











Blue Blotched Tabby
(NFO a 22)

Date of Birth: 09 June 2006

Inbreeding Coefficient: 2.2%

Sire: IC Fabis True Tyson

Dam: IC Killix Pippi

Breeder: Susanne and Kiri Andersen


Norwegian Forest Cats

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