CH Titran's Rembrandt


Rembrandt is a medium size male with a perfectly proportioned body, strong big paws and an impressive long and bushy tail.

He is our first Norwegian Forest Cat, and joined our family in January 2005. He changed our view about cats forever with his appearance, his voice and his kind character.

Our senior male, he reins his catfolk with gentleness and distinction.

Rembrandt is the father of our 1st, 2nd, 8th and 11th litters.











Red Mackerel Tabby wth. White
(NFO d 09 23)

Date of Birth: 07 October 2004

Inbreeding Coefficient: 6.0%

Sire: EC Titran's Ulysses

Dam: EC Titran's Tosca

Breeder: Ms Renee Wiessbach


Norwegian Forest Cats

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