Utblicken's Lilja S*


I picked up Lilja (Lilly) in March 2009 at Ylva’s and Bertils’ home in Kumla, Sweden.

Her set off in our cattery was not easy as we had Guam and several kittens of our own at home when she arrived. But she soon developed into a fully confident, well adjusted and happy cat with us.

Lilly has a wonderful coat, beautiful tail and excellently proportioned body.  Her head and profile meet the highest standard of the breed. Her overall appearance is excellent.

Lilly is the mother of our 10th litter.












Color  Black and White
(NFO n 09)

Date Of Birth: 13 December 2008

Inbreeding Coefficient to 8 generation: 0.8%

Sire: Peter Ustinov am Baerenbach CH

Dam: GIC Utblicken's Beatrize S*

Breeder: Ms Ylva Ehrenbåge at S*Utbliken's


Norwegian Forest Cats

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