Bendis' Ella Norell 


Ella is born in December 2008, as the first kitten of our 6th litter.

She inherited the stern looks of her father, Buster and the gracious character of her mother Afrodite. Her dark blue colour made her irresistible to us while her powerfully built body only reinforced our decision to keep her at home. Ella has a straight profile, beautiful set, large ears and gorgeous tilted green eyes.

Ella is the mother of our 11th litter.




Color  Blue
(NFO a

Date Of Birth: 19 December 2008

Inbreeding Coefficient to 8 generations: 1.3 %

Sire: Redtails Buster

Dam: Morrarons Afrodite

Breeder: Mariana Fodor






Norwegian Forest Cats

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