Shadow Eyes Guam

Luís, her breeder brought Guam to our home in march 2009.

She certainly is a cat out of the ordinary. Her walk, high on hind legs has preserved something of the wild cheetah. Her otherwise composed and easy-going temper has totally changed after the birth of her first litter as she ferociously defends her kittens from any trespasser on her territory. Her voice is nothing like a cat’s meow, but silent and expressive, more like a snake’s hissing, but Guam is the most charming of our females.

She wears a heart on her large round right paw, has properly set ears and tufts and a good tail lengths.

Guam is the mother of our 9th litter.


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Color  Black Tortie and White
(NFO f 03)

Date Of Birth: 16 November 2008

Inbreeding Coefficient: 1.5%

Sire: Centralcats Brynjolf

Dam: IC Winterland's Indra

Breeder: Luis Mateús at Shadow Eyes


Norwegian Forest Cats

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