Bendis' Mette Sofie

Mette was born in our 4th litter.


Making up our minds to keep her home was easy despite the fact that we already had four fertile females and we had previously agreed that both her brothers will stay with us. We just couldn’t come across any faults on her. 


Mette will most likely outgrow her mother Thora in size. She has a flawless triangular head with long straight profile, a firm chin, alert oblique eyes and big ears, wide open at the base and an excellent fur quality.


Mette is the mother of our 8th litter.









Color  Black Tortie Tabby with White
(NFO n 09  23)

Date Of Birth: 25 July 2008

Inbreeding Coefficient: 1.3%

Sire: Redtails Buster

Dam: Bendis' Thora Charlotte

Breeder: Mariana Fodor


Norwegian Forest Cats

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