Bendis' Thora Charlotte

Thora is the archetypal Norwegian Forest Cat. She is born in our 1st litter and is the first kitten we decided to keep at home.

The largest female in our cattery so far, Thora is a blend of an excellently built body, outstanding tail length and very long legs. A good profile, a first-rate chin, perfect ears and charmingly shaped green eyes are her substantial strong features. She passes her well balanced and friendly nature on to all her kittens.

Thora is the mother of our 4th en 5th litter.










Color  Black Tortie Tabby with White
(NFO f 09  23)

Date Of Birth: 15 May 2007

Inbreeding Coefficient: 4.1%

Sire: CH Titran's Rembrandt

Dam: Killix Sarah Bernhard

Breeder: Mariana Fodor


Norwegian Forest Cats

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