Bendis' Stina Karita

Stina is the last born and only female from our 2nd litter.

Nice with a medium sized body, Stina has a wild air because of her overwhelming fur amount. Her curvy shape and glamorous eyes make her an eye-catching Valkyrie. In winter coat she’s as thick as a yak, and stays impressive in the summer. She has a medium long head shape with straight profile, good chin and excellent ears. Her coat quality as well as an extra bushy tail is her strongest asset.

Stina is the mother of our 7th litter.





Color  Black Tortie Tabby with White
(NFO f 09  23)

Date Of Birth: 25 Aug 2007

Inbreeding Coefficient: 0.9 %

Sire: CH Titran's Rembrandt

Dam: Morrarons Afrodite

Breeder: Mariana Fodor





Norwegian Forest Cats

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