Bendis' Tobias Filip

When none of the people making enquiries about him seemed to quite fit the expectationsPeter had, it became obvious that Tobias was going to stay at home. Cats chosepeople to their own ends and Tobias knew what he wanted and whom he had to charm to get it. 

Doubtless, an excellent result of our breeding he has the construct of his father, Rembrandt and the expression of his grandfather, Buster. Tobias has a long body with high legs on big paws and an endless tail, a perfect chin, long, straight profile with flawless forehead and well set ears.

He wears his never-ending tail proudly and tall as he charms us with his penetrating gaze.










Color  Black Blotched Tabby with White
(NFO n 09 22)

Date Of Birth: 17 September 2009

Inbreeding Coefficient to 8 generations: ..%

Sire: CH Titran's Rembrandt

Dam: Bendis' Mette Sofie

Breeder: Mariana Fodor


Norwegian Forest Cats

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